Welcome to Guest House Aota in Namie

Crowdfunding to help make Namie a town where people can gather together again!! (See below)


Guest House Aota is located 7km from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, in the town of Namie. Namie was one of the major towns in the coastal area of Fukushima Prefecture. The entire town was forced to evacuate in the wake of the nuclear disaster in 2011. Part of the evacuation order for Namie was lifted on March 31, 2017, allowing some people to return. The remainder of the town remains off-limits. Only 500 residents out of the original 20,000 currently live in the town. Under such circumstance, many are taking up the challenge to rebuild the town. We are part of the effort to rebuild ties in the community, by making a base where people can stay and mingle.

Guest House Aota:

We are preparing to open a hub where residents of Namie as well as those who come from elsewhere (volunteers, researchers, visitors, etc.) could gather together, interact, and stay. Opening in June 2018!!

What we provide:

  1. A place where people can gather together and form a community.
    • We provide a space where residents of Namie can stop by and gather together for tea, workshops, and meetings. 
  2. A place where people can relax and recover.
    • We provide opportunities for volunteers and visitors to stay in Namie. 
  3. A place where visitors can understand what is actually happening in Namie.
    • By allowing visitors to interact with residents, we provide information that is not available on the media. 


Help Guest House Aota open in Namie!!

Goal: 800,000 yen

Period: Until March 30, 2018

URL: https://readyfor.jp/projects/14815

Our goal of 800,000 yen will help us purchase equipment and prepare facilities to begin the operation of our guesthouse. Current equipment and furniture in the guesthouse have been used since before the 2011 disaster and many of them need to be replaced. We plan to purchase beddings, curtains, air conditioners, a projector, and a white board. We also plan to install lighting equipment and work on plumbing repairs.

In return for your generous contribution, we are giving out some gifts including an accommodation voucher for Guest House Aota and perilla oil made by Ishii Farm in Namie. Please visit the above URL for more.

Caretakers of the Guesthouse:

Wataru Izumi was born in 1992. He has assisted the rebuilding of communities among the evacuees of the nuclear disaster. He will be moving to Namie this spring!

Naoko Kobayashi was born in 1987. She was part of the recovery efforts in Tamura City before moving to Namie last April with her partner who works in Namie's town hall.


Mail: namie.aotasou@gmail.com

Web: http://aotasou.strikingly.com/

Address: 18-8, Goden Minami, Gongendo, Namie-machi, Futaba-gun, Fukushima 979-1521

Caretakers: Wataru Izumi, Naoko Kobayashi

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